Picked Up

Picked ups are pieces that i really like and would like to share but  are not my own.

I’ll load them here and give you the links to the original so you can check out where i got them from…you might pick something up there too 🙂


A little child is not money conscious. He is daddy conscious. And that is what God desires of us. We have a Father who knows our needs and can take better care of us than anyone or anything else (Mt.6:24-33). He is not a man that He should lie. This week the idol of money is uprooted from our hearts, and God has become Lord, Master and Father.

As I see it, there is only one way to do this. We must take the very thing we have been chasing after, and make it a sacrificial offering unto God.

Copyright © 2012 Beza Fund Inc, All rights reserved.


It’s been many years. With many memories, some good some bad.
But with the day done, My mama loved me, was proud of me, and refused to tolerate mediocrity from me. It made me a good man. The man i am today.
Maybe you need to think about your mom?



My father is one of the greatest pillars of my life, I am glad to have his name (For now at least)
(c) 2012 joankabugu

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