You Found Me

Footprints from yesterday washed off…swept away You looked underneath my hurt… Underneath the rubbles of hurricanes past Underneath my fears; only You saw my destiny …pulled me back into the light You found me Footprints from yesterday washed…swept away Now i can chose to walk where i didn’t before Now i have new memories to […]

Glass Wings

Glass Wings

Glass wings…
They could almost break…but they don’t
They could almost tear…but they won’t
Because He knew what they’d be up against
The winds, the storms, the scorching heat…
He knew…that’s why he made them delicately, strongly
That’s why He made you delicately, strongly
So that you too can bear the brunt
Whenever you start to drown…remember
Delicately, strongly
So you can soar above the storms.

© Ang’asa Malowa

Photos © Muthama Muthama